A committed team with experience in own and third-party investments

We will work non-stop until we find the perfect property for you in Spain. We do not work with a predefined list of properties, but we customize our search exclusively for you. We will offer you properties that are not even on the market looking to meet your investment objective. In addition, we will manage the entire process so that you don’t have to worry about it.

With our unique knowledge of the best locations in Spain, we will help you find your dream home for holidays, retirement or investment. Our team understands and respects the cultural needs of our clients, let us help you find your perfect home!

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Quienes somos - Erik Delgado Who we are QUI SOMMES-NOUS Wer wir sind 我们是谁
Quienes somos - Erik Delgado Who we are QUI SOMMES-NOUS Wer wir sind 我们是谁

Who is part of the team?

A team founded by Erik Delgado (VP Spanish Banking and real estate investor) with its own portfolio of properties for rent in Madrid and other cities in Spain. We work with different real estate agents, banks and legal and tax firms.

How do we work with our clients?

First contact

15-30 minute phone/video call to understand the client’s situation and present our solutions and next steps.

Review of needs and objectives

Second call to establish objectives, budget and desired characteristics of the property.

Property search process

The property search process begins and if a mortgage is required, a pre-study is carried out.

Management of formalities

Several steps and procedures take place from this point onwards, so the most appropriate communication channels are established to be in constant contact with the customer.

Las visitas a España pueden ser 1 ó 2 en la mayor parte de los casos y el tiempo del proceso de compra estará entre 1,5 y 3 meses aproximadamente una vez elegida la propiedad

Important: España Houses does not receive money directly if the client chooses to do so, payments are made directly to the entities and sellers.

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Why do they trust us?

Commitment to excellence

We are committed to being loyal, offering a service that exceeds your expectations. We want to be the best for our customers, partners and suppliers, earning their trust.


We fulfil our responsibilities and commitments, prioritizing clear communication and the creation of lasting relationships based on trust and transparency as fundamental pillars of our work.


In our work, we dedicate our passion for real estate and property to ensure excellent results in all our operations.


Our clients

I was interested in buying a property in Madrid and a friend recommended España Houses and everything was very easy, they took care of everything. The treatment was very good and they always informed me about everything.

Victor Guadaño

Friendly, competent and quick to solve problems. They rented my property easily and are still helping me today.

Maria Guadalupe Esteban

Highly recommended, they helped me find a second home in the Chamberí neighbourhood very quickly.

Juan Manuel Hernandez

Excellent professionals. Excellent valuation and quick and easy handling of the sale of my house in Madrid. They took care of finding the right buyer. I am extremely grateful to them.


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